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Interautomatic Ltd - automatics and electronics products supplyer

Dear Sirs,

Our company Interautomatic Ltd. is engaged in designing, development of electronic devices and introduction of new decisions and technologies in area of electronics and industrial automation. We have own developments, and engaged in realization of projects coming from the requirements of modern market and concrete orders.

Sphere of our activity:

  1. Designing of electronic devices, development of electronic circuits, making of circuit boards, pre-productions and workings models of devices, intended both for a serial issue and for single, unique projects.
  2. Development of software for electronic devices.
  3. Integration of equipment in the single system, controlled by computer.
  4. Integration of equipment, working in different protocols in a common base on the basis of single, required protocol.
  5. Conducting of works of researches in area of nondestructive check of materials (metals, non-metals, stratified structures, cellular constructions) of constructions applied in a military industrial complex, medicine, energy, building, satellite systems etc.
  6. Development of modern hi-tech equipment (devices of the individual use, devices with the high level of IP) for solving of wide range of tasks of customer.
  7. Planning of the automatic control of processes of production on the base of the industrial comptrollers of the world-known producers.

Our advantages:

  • Short terms of development.
  • Low cost of development of project – 2-4 times below European.
  • Quality of works – in devices used the most modern materials, high-quality circuit boards etc.
  • Reliability – devices are passed by climatic tests, tests on electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Additional service is preparation to the serial production, modernization.

Our developments are successfully inculcated on the enterprises of Ukraine.

We are ready to develop a project for you, sell rights to the invention, to put right for a production for you, to make equipment on your drafts.

Address: Interautomatic LTD
Panikahi str., 2
49126, Ukraine
Tel./fax: +38 (056) 744-97-31; 795-00-89
(067) 618-05-10, (050) 405-47-58
E-mail: info@interautomatic.com.ua

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